Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Invites You Into A World Of Crime In New Trailer

Despite the woes that the studio is facing right now, developer Frogwares is still hard at work making Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. While the exploration of the famed detective’s origins will see plenty of investigative work, it will all take place in a gorgeous world set in the Mediterranean. In a bid to let players understand a little bit more, Frogwares has released both a trailer detailing the world, as well as an overview by the developers themselves.

Highlighting some of the more bizarre crimes that will take place in these new locations, there is more than meets the eye on this island. Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is expecting players to dig a little deeper and experience it for themselves. An island of sinister secrets, bizarre crimes, and a twisted justice system? Count me in.

Lawless land

As explained by the studio, the island is not just a world of crime. It is also a place of social and economic inequality, where often, the law is not the rule of the land. Having to hone your detective skills in such an environment will surely make you a better sleuth, one way or another.

“Bewildering crimes and cases will test your detective skills. Why is an elephant being put on trial to hang and can (or will) you stop it? Or why is the island getting covered with wooden revenge pillars, where each knife is a symbol of vengeance having been served?” the press release stated.

Diving into details

At this current stage, Frogwares is expecting Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One to last players about 15 hours for the main story. If you love getting up to other stuff, it will take you about 30-40 hours instead. There are over 30 side quests of varying complexity and scale, so you will be kept busy.

“In each main quest you’ll also have several suspects, and whether or not you will find the right one depends on how good a detective you are. You can interpret your clues in a number of ways that can lead to different theories. Some of these theories are easier and more convenient than the others, but it does not mean they’re correct,” Antonina Melnykova, lead narrative designer, explained.

“Once you’ve found your suspect, no matter if they are the right person, you will get a chance to decide their fate. Justice on the island is a bit twisted, and our goal is to avoid a black and white morality, so it’s possible you’ll want to side with the wrongdoer.”

Of course, getting into the criminal underbelly of the island will require some combat. In Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, there are both non-lethal and fatal means to take care of trouble. However, there are consequences to consider if you choose to eliminate certain obstacles. There are tools at your disposal as well, and the environment can always provide a helping hand.

A new look

As you progress through Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, you will also gain access to Holmes’ own mansion on the island. This childhood home can be restored and decorated to your own tastes with local goods. More rooms will be unlocked the deeper into the game you go. Those rooms will reveal more about Holmes and his family. The detective himself can also don several outfits.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Invites You Into A World Of Crime In New Trailer

Lastly, Frogwares will support the game post-launch with even more content. More information about Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One will be shared in December or January, so keep your mind sharp. Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One will launch in 2021 on PC and major consoles.

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