New Splinter Cell Conviction Screens

Ubisoft has released a new batch of screens from Splinter Cell: Conviction. The screens show off a number of new features in the game. In what we think is quite an innovative move by the developer, the game will tell its story by projecting cut-scenes and flashbacks onto the scenery in the levels as can be seen in one of the screens. Sam will also have more hand-to-hand combat moves at his disposal (in the Mossad-pioneered Krav Maga style) as well as a new ‘mark and execute’ feature which allows him to take down multiple enemies very quickly.The game also features a last known position system, as seen below, which allows the player to predict where the AI will look for Sam.Despite our initial worries when we heard the game had gone back to the drawing board, the demonstration at E3 this year convinced us that this may just be the best Splinter Cell outing yet.The game is due for release next year on PC and Xbox 360.

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