Square Enix has released a new set of Supreme Commander 2 assets, along with some info on the units.We’ve got descriptions of the Bomb Bouncer, the Pulinsmash, and the Kraken below, as well as some screenshots and some art of the ACU commanders.As we’ve already used its name twice we’ll start with the Bomb Bouncer, which projects a shield around both it and any units nearby; enemy fire hitting the shield bounces back towards the enemy unit, hence the name. It has a mega-blast ability which damages units both above and in the immediate area, and this can either be charged by missiles and bombs hitting the shield or by charging it with energy reserves before battle begins.The Pulinsmash is a massive Experimental unit that can spin its arms to create a vortex that sucks up enemy units. The first unit dragged in is suspended, but the second smashes into it, destroying both.Finally, the Kraken is a Cybran Experimental submarine which can apparently take on ships, submarines, aircraft, and even hit land-based structures and units if it’s close enough to the sure.Check out the screens and artwork of the ACU commanders below.    

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