Tales From The Borderlands Release Date

With the grisly death of Telltale Games, the future of any and all of its properties was called into question. Though it was leaked earlier this month, we now officially have a release date for New Tales from the Borderlands. Yes, they slapped the word “new” in it and that’s the title. Hey, it worked for Mario, didn’t it? The game will be released this October and is being developed by Gearbox in place of Telltale Games. That isn’t to say that the game is in all-new hands, however, as some writers from the last game are on board with the sequel project.

New Tales from the Borderlands is exploding onto PC on October 21, giving us just a couple of months to wait and see if this revival packs the same narrative punch as its predecessor. The game will feature a trio of new main characters, and their names are Anu, Octavio, and Fran. Thankfully, it’ll also run on the Unreal Engine, as opposed to Telltale’s engine that had all sorts of issues across the spectrum of games the studio released. But not Strong Bad’s Cool Game 4 Attractive People. That one was perfect and made me say-a, “holy crap!”


Some really bordered lands

Accompanying this news is an announcement trailer that gives us a good look at New Tales from the Borderlands. It opens up with some raiders getting pulverized by a car before we see one of our new heroes caving one’s face in with her gun. The game is clearly a very large step up visually from the last game, which isn’t all that surprising. But it’s nice to see the proof. And the pudding. Well, the metaphorical pudding, which is fine since I don’t have a spoon and wouldn’t want any to begin with.

The sequel will also include the return of Rhys. And though he may not be playable this time around, he’ll likely have an important role in the story.

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