New The Division 2 Update Tweaks Difficulties And Seasonal Manhunt1

Following the recent launch of the Warlords of New York expansion, Ubisoft’s The Division 2 has seen a resurgence once more. From new players to veterans, many are flocking back to the tactical shooter for the added content. However, as is with everything new, something’s bound to break, and Massive Entertainment is looking to tweak some stuff with the upcoming patch 8.4.

Stronger together

The patch will see changes made to the new Seasonal Manhunt system in The Division 2. As long as you are playing at Normal difficulty or above, you and your group will make progress. The system will also get an additional UI option that “allows players to reset the Manhunt to replay it.” The separation of this and the Global Difficulty will be welcomed by most.

New The Division 2 Update Tweaks Difficulties And Seasonal Manhunt2

The Division 2‘s firefights will also become more manageable with the new update. According to Ubisoft, “NPC damage output for all difficulties” will be reduced. This “applies to all NPCs and activities and enemies will do less damage to players compared to their current damage output.”

Aside from Heroic and Legendary difficulties, health and armor will now be scaled. Even NPC health and armor will be reduced for group scaling.

A better experience

Patch 8.4 for The Division 2 will also make changes to loot and gear. For starters, the Coyote Mask will get an increased drop chance on higher difficulties. The developers are also looking into providing this Mask to those chasing it via Season Rank 35.

Reward caches from Conflict matches at max level will now guarantee High-End gear. Reward quality for Open World Activities Public Execution, Settlement Blockade, and Propaganda Broadcast will also be increased.

There are also a bunch of changes being made to the Black Tusk faction. The health of Warhounds has been reduced, and the Warhound Sniper will deal less damage. Support Stations will also get reduced health.

There are also plenty of bug fixes in this patch. You can read all about them, and more detail on the changes discussed above, in the full patch notes.

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