New Trailer + Screenshots For The Evil Within Won’t Let You Sleep Tonight

Some new screenshots and a new trailer have been released for the horror game The Evil Within, suffice to say it looks scary as hell.

The PSN store in Japan has uploaded a new trailer for Bethesda’s The Evil Within. As if exploring a creepy hospital wasn’t enough, apparently we will also be encountering a spider girl with massive claws…

If that didn’t creep you out enough then check out the new screenshots below which show our hero as he tries to survive the living hell he finds himself in.

The game will tell the story of Detective Sebastian Castellanos as he investigates a gruesome murder scene. The game will be akin to other horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. It will be released later this year on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlaStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s also interesting to not that the game is called Psychobreak in Japan. Who needs sleep, eh?











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