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Developer Kinetic Games’ hit horror title Phasmophobia has already scared plenty of players and Twitch streamers on its own. But when played in VR, which the game has supported since its Early Access release in 2020, Phasmophobia evidently becomes that much scarier. However, it seems that the developers did feel entirely content with their implementation of VR until now, as they recently released a major update for Phasmophobia that completely overhauls the game’s VR functionality.

Thanks to this new update, the game now supports all currently-released VR headsets as well as any that will come out in the future. Additionally, the update improves the overall VR performance, smoothes out players’ inputs, and patches out nearly all of the bugs associated with the previous VR implementation. As for more specific changes, the update adds a small cursor that will become visible when players try to grab objects, which they can now do either through a button toggle or by holding the button down. These represent only a small fraction of the changes included in the update, so players can check out the rest through the official patch notes.


But that’s not all

Within the same day, the developers released another, smaller update that patches out a variety of bugs and makes a few notable changes to the main VR update. One such change involves reducing the cooldown between successive photo-taking from three seconds to only one second, resulting in a snappier experience in more ways than one. In addition, whereas the main VR update patched out a bug that prevented Sanity Pills from being taken out of players’ inventories when used, the new update seems to have reversed this change, saying that “Sanity Pills are no longer a consumable when used.”

These updates should ideally allow fans to enjoy the VR Phasmophobia experience they always wanted. Even if the new VR implementation still has problems, though, the rate at which the developers have rolled out updates suggests that players need not worry.

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