New Video For Doom: Player Progression And Customization

We are only a few hours away from testing Doom’s Multiplayer during its open beta and Bethesda decided to unleash another informative video about the game.

The new video focuses this time around on player progression and customization, which looks kinda cool even for players who are not really experienced in climbing up the levels in a crazy fast manner.

Characters can climb up to level 50 and after that, they will be reset to the first level. They will not lose of course any of their unlocked gear and they will be awarded with an “Echelon” rank (10 Echelon ranks to earn in total).

Doom will offer approximately 300 pieces of armor (UAC, Demonic, Bounty Hunter, Templar, and Utilitarian), with 50 different paint patterns available for customizing these pieces. The same goes for weapons which can be customized with 96 colors, 60 patterns, and adjustable weathering.

You should take a look at the video below in order to make a better picture of Doom’s Player progression and Customization options and keep in mind that the multiplayer open beta goes live at 12:00 am on April 15.

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