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Developer Soleil and publisher 110 Industries, has released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming shooter/slasher Wanted: Dead. The trailer goes over the enemies and bosses and details some of the encounters you’ll face in the game, as part of the  ongoing “Wanted: Dead explained” series.

Wanted: Dead’s newest explainer trailer seems to reveal quite a bit of interesting information about the game and its various enemies and bosses. As mentioned in previous explainer videos, the game prioritizes strategic gameplay in the hybrid slasher/shooter, and no enemy or boss is going to be a cakewalk. They emphasize this again, stating in the trailer that they “went back to the drawing board” after listening to the community, making sure players are getting the hardcore experience they expect. 

Enemies and bosses in the new Wanted: Dead trailer

Wanted Dead Gameplay

Image via 110 Industries

The trailer then goes on to discuss the various enemy types in the game. Enemy types include mercenaries, a crime family, an elite private military, and synthetic workers armed with construction tools. Talk about building out a robust cast of enemies. The trailer then continues to discuss these enemies in greater detail. Foes attack in waves, with melee fighters being covered by ranged fire. Prioritizing targets will be key to victory.

The new Wanted: Dead trailer continues to mention how the game’s injured combatants will still fight the player. Even though the enemies seem to have one foot in the grave, they can still deal some major damage and ruin your day. 

The next thing the trailer for Wanted: Dead explains is elite enemies. These are enemies such as heavily armed exoskeleton fighters and ninjas. If you face a few game overs though, don’t worry about it too much. The game includes a ‘neko mode,’ which lowers the difficulty if players aren’t quite up to the challenge. 

Watch the new Wanted: Dead trailer above, and stay tuned for its release in just a while on February 14.

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