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Amazon Studios just released another gameplay trailer for their upcoming MMO New World, but that’s not all they had to share. The studio announced that the upcoming closed beta will begin July 23, and they have shared the details on how to get in. Anyone that pre-orders New World will get guaranteed access to the beta, along with some in-game rewards

As the name Combat Unleashed suggests, the trailer shows different ways to do battle and defeat enemies in New World. The game looks polished from what the trailer reveals, and there appears to be plenty of unique enemies to slay.

Amazon seems determined to become a respectable player in the games business and New World is its most ambitious project. Amazon didn’t hesitate to pick up industry veterans to work on it, and the budget is apparently huge. 

New World was first announced back in 2016, which seems like forever ago. That could be due to the scope of the game or a sign of development woes. The game was originally scheduled for a May release, but it suffered from delays that were apparently COVID related. It’s exciting to see that it’s nearly ready now.

New World Amazon Beta MMO

New World has actually been in closed alpha for some time, but the beta will be the final test before release. According to Amazon, they wanted to make the game right the first time and carefully considered feedback over the years. 

Amazon’s whole new world

Amazon included some more details about the game today to give everyone a clearer idea of what awaits. New World is all about massive battles. It will feature fortress sieges against other players and supernatural invasions that support up to 100 players on the battlefield at once. 

Players will have direct control over their movements and attacks, which will make combat intense. The world of Aeternum is deadly, but full of promise for soldiers, explorers, artisans, and empire-builders. 

New World Amazon Beta MMO

Players can work together and form organized Companies or play alone and take on the world. The game will provide classless character growth, support a range of play-styles, include social systems, and feature crafting mechanics. It sounds like a complete experience for those who enjoy MMOs.

This game still has to prove to the world that it really is something new, but Amazon seems confident in the project. New World will launch on August 25 at a base price of $39.99 and be available via Amazon or Steam.

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