Europa Universalis IV

Getting rich in the 1600s involved a lot more hard work than today. Back then, you had to actually travel to the location you were intending to exploit, rather than just sell it dodgy mortgage securities. In this latest Europa Universalis IV trailer, learn all about sailing off to the New World, establishing trade routes and hording all of the gold. ALL OF IT.

Of course it helps to be a naval power on the coast of Europe if you want to do that. Nations like Portugal and England have a distinct advantage here over, say, Austria, which would have to fight its way to the sea before it could start thinking about establishing colonies. Still, that’s the beauty of the game. You get to decide who to play as, and how you’re going to lead the country.

I’m currently digging into preview code for Europa Universalis IV, so there’ll be an IncGamers write-up coming in the next 20 years or so when I’ve figured out how to play it properly.

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