New Xiii Trailer Lays Out The Options For Engagement (2)

Back in 2003, the world was introduced to the stylish comic-book shooter known only as XIII. It is about a man without an identity suffering from amnesia, and he needs answers. In the wake of the assassination of President Sheridan, you will need to uncover the truth. The conspiracy is afoot, and you are at the center of it all. The game arrives on November 10, and a new XIII trailer gives us more of a look at the PlayMagic developed remake.

The official weapons trailer touches on the various tools at the player’s disposal. It is exactly what you would expect for a highly trained operative. The conventional firearms, such as the 9mm pistol, the M16 rifle, the trusty double-barreled shotgun, and more can be used to eliminate your enemies. That is, if you prefer to go loud. Stealth is also an option, as silenced pistols, throwing knives, and even a crossbow are available.

Alternate measures

XIII also wants you to be a little creative in your adventure. So, if you find yourself out of ammo, use the environment to your advantage. A bottle to the head is still an effective equalizer. The XIII trailer also features useful tools like the grappling hook, lockpick, and a spying micro to hear conversations at a distance. Rather than just another plain old first-person shooter, the 2020 XIII is looking to spice things up for the player.


Outside of the action, the new XIII trailer shows off more of that iconic cel-shaded style the game is known for. The panels, onomatopoeia, and speech bubbles maintain the game’s roots to the graphic novel. Whether you played the original or intend to jump in fresh on November 10, XIII is definitely shaping up to be a fun addition to the lineup this year.

The XIII remake will arrive on Steam and GOG.

New Xiii Trailer Lays Out The Options For Engagement (1)


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