If there’s one thing that the Ys games are known for, it’s amazing music. If there were a few more things: towering boss battles, fast-paced combat, and amnesia after a shipwreck would also rank up there. The series has survived a long and varied history stretching back to 1987 on the Japan-exclusive NEC PC-8801. And it sounds like we’re getting another one soon.

    In a recent interview with Toshihiro Kondo, a new entry in the Ys franchise was confirmed. Kondo, president of the developer Nihon Falcom, stated that the game “won’t be a remake but a completely brand-new title.” Continuing to follow Adol’s journey, the game will take place directly after the events of Ys VIII. To some fans who have been waiting for a remake to the fifth title, this may be disappointing. That in mind, it’s hard to complain about a new game entirely!

    Old-fashioned but in a new way

    Whether or not the new game will uphold the traditions established by the franchise is unknown. However, the Ys franchise has been refining its gameplay for many years over many games. With that in mind, it’s hard to imagine they would throw that all away. The party-based arcade combat introduced in Ys Seven back in 2009 has stuck around through all of the current games. The music has been consistently pristine throughout each iteration. Nihon Falcom has been steadily perfecting their take on the JRPG formula. There’s no indication they have any intention to stop now.

    Development is currently underway for the new title and no release information has been revealed. Looking back at the four-year-long gap in between the last two entries in the franchise, it seems we may still have a ways to go until we can play this game for ourselves. However, we’ll keep you posted on any news regarding the title’s development.

    Corey Gavaza
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