next car game

You will believe a car can fly.

Bugbear and Valve have announced that Next Car Game is the current car game available through Steam’s early access system. That’s kind of weird, because the same thing was announced in December, but there we go. Maybe it’s only officially on early access now.

Next Car Game is a demolition derby-themed racer, with heavy emphasis on entertaining damage physics and spectacular crashes. Of the vehicular kind, not the PC kind.

That said, the title has received an update today with some very metaphysical changes like “Fixed position counter so that the player cannot be further back than the last.” Sounds like useful stuff, and you can read the “most important changes” below.

– Implemented iterative engine component damage + related HUD visuals.
– Fixed damage direction deduction so that damage is allocated correctly.
– Fixed position counter so that the player cannot be further back than the last.
– Changed the position counter to always show the number of cars that started.
– Removed player kill areas from environments.
– Reduced arm-co friction and wooden fence mass.
– Implemented environment geometry fixes and polishing.
– Implemented lighting tweaks, and added lens flares.
– Implemented constant vertical FOV to support widescreen resolutions.
– Fixed user interface bugs and added general polish.
– Fixed a couple of minor audio issues.
– Improved general build stability.

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