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Tomorrow, Sega is hosting another Sonic Direct, this time to offer a “sneak peak” at “upcoming projects.” We’ll likely see plenty on all things Sonic still to arrive in 2022. And perhaps, beyond even that. Sonic Central starts on June 7 at noon ET on Sega’s Twitch or YouTube channel.

It’s impossible to nimbly sidestep the Sonic Frontiers landmine, so let’s just hop to it. Sonic Frontiers will hopefully get a better showing during the June Sonic Central event. Gameplay footage of Sonic Frontiers has been shared via IGN, and to understandably mixed results. So far, the game has been looking like an aimless sandbox with little to do other than bop random bots or complete rudimentary puzzles. Fans have been divided, with a portion asking for the game to get delayed so it can actually become, well, a game. There are some defenders, but they seem to be few in number.


The Sonic Central event tomorrow may include Frontiers, but there’s plenty more Sonic to go around. Sega and Netflix have yet to fully reveal the animated Sonic Prime show. It’s set for an unveiling during Netflix’s Geeked Week, which began today. There’s a good chance we’ll get a trailer. Sonic Origins is also on the way later this month, and we’re ripe for a trailer following all that DLC confusion.

Blue streak, speeds by

It’s probably too early to chat about the third Sonic movie, but there could be some surprises in store. Sonic Colors: Ultimate was unveiled during the last Sonic Central, and no one expected it. We also got word on a new Sonic animation called Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps. Tomorrow’s show may reveal even more.

Personally, what I hope for the most is to see a better gameplay trailer for Sonic Frontiers. I know it’s been in the spotlight a lot recently. But, man, as a fan, I want to believe. I can also take a Sonic Adventure 3. Please make a Sonic Adventure 3, Sega.

Sonic Central goes live again tomorrow, June 7, at noon ET. We’ll be watching and reporting on what comes about.

Cameron Woolsey
Cam has been shooting for high scores since his days playing on the Atari 2600. Proud member of the Blue Team during the first console war, and has more Sonic paraphernalia than he cares to admit.

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