NFS Shift, Battlefield 2, Other EA Titles Hit Steam

Six more EA titles have been added to Steam.Following the fourteen EA titles that hit Steam a couple of weeks ago, Electronic Arts has seen fit to put another six titles onto the service.Battlefield 1942: The Complete Collection – £14.99 GBPCommand & Conquer: Red Alert 3 – Uprising – £14.99 GBPThe Godfather – £14.99 GBPThe Godfather II – £29.99 GBP
Medal of Honor Airborne – £19.99 GBPNeed for Speed: SHIFT – £29.99 GBPThe recently-released Need for Speed: SHIFT was received differently by our reviewers – Andy Alderson loved it, while John Robertson didn’t think quite so highly. Red Alert 3: Uprising was a fairly entertaining package as long as you didn’t expect too much, and Battlefield 2 is a landmark title. The Godfather games, not so much…If any of the titles interest you, then head over to Steam to check them out for yourself.

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