Naruto and Bleach MMO sequel, Pockie Ninja II Original, turned one month on August 25th. Building on the success of 2011’s Pockie Ninja, the action packed brawler has fast become the premiere destination for anime fans to kick back and hang out under the guises of their favourite anime characters.

Publisher NGames has today announced a slew of new events and special pack giveaways to help players celebrate Pockie Ninja II Original’s one month anniversary.

For a limited time only, players will be rewarded for completing a variety of simple tasks, such as logging into the game and starting a guild. The publisher has prepared waves of item packs to giveaway, including Media Special Packs, Daily Packs, Sign-in Packs, and Guild Packs, all bursting with items guaranteed to help gamers level up their characters and Zanpakuto as they fight to make a name for themselves in the new ninja world.

Extra rewards are on offer for toppling fun but punishing new events too, each requiring sharp ninjutsu skills to come out on top. From completing the treacherous Valhalla Expedition and defeating the towering Las Noches Challenge, to defending against Tailed Beast Invasions and winning epic Faction Wars, each event greatly rewards participating ninjas with tons of prizes and in-game fame.

Furthermore, players can now head over to the boutique and claim 23 free daily prizes, including powerful Zanpakuto blades and the Soul Gems required to level them up.

The Number One Game for Naruto and Bleach Fans

It’s no wonder Pockie Ninja II Original has won over online gamers and anime fans alike. Not only does it stay true to its Naruto and Bleach source material, it builds on the foundations that made Pockie Ninja one of 2011’s most outstanding browser based games by introducing innovative MMO gameplay mecahnics.

Pockie Ninja II Original roundhouse kicks the generic MMO class system out of its dojo. Instead, the game features over 100 unique anime character outfits, empowering players to play the game however they wish by changing outfits – and therefore characters – whenever they desire.

Outfits allow players to jump into the shoes of different recognisable character from the Naruto and Bleach anime series’, each with their own unique stats and gameplay perks. Sasuke, Ichigo, Nami, Naruto, and more, are all available and playable.

The games stunning ninjutsu skills, special effects, and ninja villages are also lifted directed from the Naruto and Bleach anime worlds. Pockie Ninja II Original lets players roam around a plethora of well known destinations, such as Konoha; The Village of Thunder; Angelic City; and beyond; as they seek adventure and race to stop Orochi Kabuto in the battle of a lifetime.

Anime fans are treated to an array of well known Naruto and Bleach features. Bloodline limits – skills passed down the family bloodlines of ninjas in Naruto – play an important role in the game, as do Zanpakuto – the famous soul-cutter blades from Bleach. Players can also get their hands on sets of angelic wings, synthesize items, and even tame their very own nine-tailed demon – an idea that would make even Naruto himself smile..if he didn’t have one living inside him!

With gorgeous graphics, updated gameplay and an exciting new clan system, Pockie Ninja II Original is just getting started. Interested players are welcome to sign up and join the Open Beta fun now.


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