Nier Automata xbox game pass ms store updated steam

When Nier: Automata launched on PC, there were a lot of problems with the port. From performance headaches to problems with resolution, the port was simply quite rough. That’s not a wholly uncommon occurrence when it comes to ports of Japanese games, but it’s not a big deal, right? They always get fixed. Except this one never did. Years after release, the PC version of game available on Steam never got patched. Many fans were left with no option but to purchase a broken release that the community had to fix with a widely available mod. But Nier: Automata‘s launch on Game Pass and the Microsoft Store just might change that, as it’s apparently the updated version.

Shockingly, the Game Pass and MS Store version of Nier: Automata isn’t simply the already existing PC port on a new storefront — it’s a different port of the game. With the help of the good folks at QLOC (thanks, @Wario64) the Become As Gods edition of the game is now available on PC for anyone with Game Pass. It can also be purchased directly on the Microsoft Store. This version includes a borderless full-screen video option, HDR, a UI upscaled for 4K, and FidelityFX. What’s more, this port was requested specifically by Platinum Games, likely due to the general unhappiness regarding the existing PC port.


Nier: Automata – A niew hope

There’s no word yet on whether or not this new Nier: Automata port has righted all of the wrongs that PC users have had to put up with all these years. But I’m personally glad that some steps were finally taken to give PC players a better version of the game. After years of Square Enix refusing to do anything to rectify the situation, all hope appeared to be lost. The game can be purchased for $40 USD from the Microsoft Store. If you have Game Pass and would like to own it indefinitely, you’ll get $8 USD off. Kudos to QLOC and Microsoft for going the extra mile.

Nier Automata xbox game pass ms store updated steam

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