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We’ve at last got to check out some gameplay of Square Enix’s Nier: Replicant ver. 1.22474487139… . The trailer was shown off during The Game Awards tonight. And, it’s looking like your typical Nier-style game. That is, there are plenty of robots getting the oil beat out of them. We also saw some bullet hell segments, just in case you forgot you were watching a Nier game for a moment.

I wish I could post the Nier: Replicant trailer. But someone over on Square Enix’s side set an age-restriction gate, so if I post it here, it’ll just show up as a box telling you to watch it on YouTube. It’s been linked above, so please feel free to click it and check it out when you get the chance. It is an exciting trailer. The gameplay features battles against enemy ‘shades, and the protagonist rushes across a ruined, apocalyptic landscape.

“The protagonist is a kind young man living in a remote village,” reads the trailer information. “In order to save his sister Yonah, who fell terminally ill to the Black Scrawl, he sets out with Grimoire Weiss, a strange talking tome, to search for the ‘Sealed verses.'”

Nier Replicant Ver.1.122474487139… The Game Awards Gameplay Trailer 0 29 Screenshot

Nier-ly here, if five months is near, that is

Nier: Replicant is the prequel to the incredible Nier: Automata, which we know is still not fixed on PC. It’s an upgraded remaster of sorts of Nier Replicant, which only had a release in Japan. The version of Nier you may recall, if you live on the western side of the world, is Nier Gestalt — commonly known just as Nier. The game landed on console in 2010. This will be the first time it will not only leave Japan, but land on PC as well. Nier fans should find plenty to celebrate.

Nier: Replicant will launch for PC on April 23, 2021.

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