September 5th, 2017

Ninja and Rogue revealed for Final Fantasy XIV

Ninja and Rogue revealed for Final Fantasy XIV
final fantasy xiv ninja
NINJA REVEALED! Note that this is a person holding up a piece of paper with the ninja picture on it; it’s not that he’s absolutely tiny and his feet are the size of someone’s fingernail.

Minutes after pointing out that there’s a Final Fantasy XIV livestream going on, that very livestream reveals the Ninja and Rogue job and class. If I understand correctly, these should be arriving in an upcoming patch.

The Rogues were once petty thieves, but they’ve since changed into using their skills for the good of the world instead. They’ll have their own guild and storyline; they’ll have faster movement speeds than the other classes and jobs, will take less falling damage, and will dual-wield weapons. The Rogue will be able toemploy both stealth and a variety of poisons; the Ninja will also use poison, as well as a variety of “mudra”. The player can combine these to create different effects, but choosing incompatible ones will instead cause the attack to fail. So both will, to some extent, be about picking the right combinations of abilities and poisons to get the edge over your opponent. Oh, and ninjas can leap into the air, land on their opponent, and stab their weapons into its face. Any enemy. “From Ifrit to a ladybug.”

Other new tanky and healer-y classes and jobs are being worked on for expansions, but for now, it’s the dual-wielding DPS types.

(Disclaimer: I’m not 100% guaranteeing the entirety of this, because it was written on-the-fly. If I’ve ballsed this up and they’re not called “mudra”, or if these jobs aren’t coming in a patch, I’ll revise the story. Consider this an apology in advance.)

You can check out the stream over here.

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