Ninja edited: Mark of the Ninja Special Edition DLC dated

Ninja edited: Mark of the Ninja Special Edition DLC dated

Mark of the Ninja

We knew that Klei Entertainment were bringing out a Special Edition DLC pack for Mark of the Ninja “this summer”, but otherwise had no idea when. And now, like a ninja emerging from the shadows, the date has appeared via the medium of Twitter.

That date is 16 August.

The Special Edition DLC, priced at $4.99 USD, will include a new “flashback” level, a new costume (which will actually impact your playstyle if it’s anything like those of the original game), a huge amount of developer commentary, and some new items.

Considering that Mark of the Ninja is one of the best stealth games around, I’m genuinely interested in the developer commentary. I look forward to having a listen in a week’s time.

For now, you can have a gander at the (previously released) trailer for the DLC below, and be thankful that I didn’t write this entire news story in haiku.

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