Ninja Theory introduces Project: Mara, an experiment in “mental terror”

Project Mara

The developers at Ninja Theory aren’t afraid to innovate. Two years ago, they covered psychosis to some degree with their hit indie game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Now, they’re ready to tackle “mental terror.”

Today, the team revealed Project: Mara, a mysterious new project that’s in the works for both Xbox platforms and PC. Though little is known about its story, the teaser trailer, seen below, promises to be rather innovative.

In the project’s blog post, commercial director Dom Matthews spoke briefly on the game. He noted that it’s a “real-world and grounded representation of mental terror,” based on “real lived experience accounts and in-depth research.” The team is out to “recreate the horrors of the mind” with a realistic approach, creating a “new storytelling medium” as a result.

Ninja Theory digs deep once more

Project: Mara isn’t a full-blown AAA release like the developer’s previous projects. Instead, it serves as an “experimental title” that’s sure to stand out for its audience. Based on its appearance, it definitely has a unique approach in mind.

This makes the company’s plate rather full for 2020. Its multiplayer combat game, Bleeding Edge, is set to debut on Windows PC and Xbox platforms in March. Then, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II will likely arrive later this year alongside Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X platform.

How does the studio manage to balance all this? It provides a bit more detail in a new video series called The Dreadnought Diaries, featured below. In it, the team discusses how progress is coming on all of its projects. We’ll likely see more episodes in the months ahead, with one probably coinciding with Bleeding Edge‘s release.

At the moment, Project: Mara does not have a set release date. There’s a possibility we’ll learn more during Microsoft’s E3 showcase in June, as Ninja Theory is now part of the Xbox Game Studios team. Until then, check out The Dreadnought Diaries’ debut below.