In case you’ve been living under a rock, Nintendo have teamed up with the folks behind Dynasty Warriors and are creating a Zelda game that will play like a Dynasty Warriors game but set in Hyrule. The latest trailer was released a few days ago and now you can check out some new screenshots Nintendo have released.

    Hyrule-Warrios-Screenshots-1-900x900 Hyrule-Warrios-Screenshots-4-900x506 Hyrule-Warrios-Screenshots-5-900x900 Hyrule-Warrios-Screenshots-6-900x506 Hyrule-Warrios-Screenshots-7-900x506 Hyrule-Warrios-Screenshots-8-900x900 Hyrule-Warrios-Screenshots-9-900x506 Hyrule-Warrios-Screenshots-10-900x900 Hyrule-Warrios-Screenshots-11-900x506 Hyrule-Warrios-Screenshots-12-900x506 Hyrule-Warrios-Screenshots-13-900x506

    Hyrule Warriors is due for release on September 26th exclusively for the Wii U.

    Source: gamingcypher

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