Nioh PC patch released adding mouse support

Nioh PC patch released adding mouse support

Earlier this month Nioh released on PC but not without a few problems. The main issue with this KOEI Tecmo port was the controls, in fact, it was a game that totally failed to acknowledge the existence of a mouse.

In Tim’s technical review of Nioh he wrote:

“Let’s start off with the controls: this is yet another game which believes that mouse and keyboard is a fad, and basically directly maps controller inputs to the keyboard. Only the keyboard. There is no mouse support at all.”

Not exactly great for PC gamers. After many complaints about the lack of mouse support, a patch has finally been released that should address the issue and apply a few other fixes. The patch is live and the game should update with the following changes:

– Added camera/action controls for mice.

– Added customizable key bindings for keyboards.

– Fixed an issue with analogue stick sensitivity.

– Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause an error to occur when matchmaking at Torii Gates.

– Fixed other miscellaneous bugs.

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