Niten Kickstarter invites you to explore a Japanese Island

Niten Kickstarter invites you to explore a Japanese Island

A Kickstarter has just launched for a new game called Niten which is being developed by the brilliantly named Scottish developer Donald MacDonald.

Niten is a game that’s been inspired by popular titles such as Dear Esther and Gone Home, and is a story-driven exploration game powered by Unreal Engine 4. Players will be invited to explore the island and uncover its history and previous inhabitants, specifically a Samurai Master and his orphan child student.

The game had been designed to be a tranquil experience of exploration with gorgeous looking Japanese landscapes accompanied by “a fully immersive audio experience”. At the conclusion of a playthrough story fragments can also be downloaded as pages to complete a graphic novel.

Donald is looking to raise a very reasonable £15,000 and is hoping to also release a VR version. Take a look at the trailer below, the visuals are quite stunning.

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