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Cloudpunk developer Ion Lands just released a large DLC for that game, but its universe is about to get even more expansive. Nivalis, an upcoming slice-of-life sim that takes place in the same universe as Cloudpunk, has been announced. No release date is currently available, but the team is hard at work at taking the look and feel of its other work and applying it to a completely different type of experience. I love seeing game worlds fleshed out like this, and I was very impressed by the look and feel of the previous game, so this one seems worth keeping an eye on.

Nivalis is aiming to have believable weather, as well as day-and-night cycles, and is all about growing a business to become the one who holds the reigns of the titular city. The city itself is, of course, not so nice. It’s crawling with gangs and controlled by an overbearing government, so the citizens have to walk a fine line. In the game, you’ll have to start with smaller businesses, such as stalls and stands, but you can work your way up to bars and nightclubs. But you’ll also be able to grow or purchase ingredients, along with cooking and making drinks.


Nivalis announced

But it’s not all work and no play. There’s no pressure in Nivalis to always be pushing forward, so you’ll be able to spend your time how you want. You can bust your ass making drinks all night, or you can hit up a fishing spot to relax. It’s up to you. You can buy new homes and decorate them as you see fit, or you can simply explore the world and meet people. There’s even some romance to be found. The game sounds like it’s got a little bit of everything, and I’m excited to see how it comes together in the future. I mostly just want to make cyberpunk ramen, though.

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