Nivalis Announcement Trailer June 2022

The makers of Cloudpunk are coming back with another game that puts a twist on the tried and true cyberpunk formula. While its previous game saw players running a cab in a futuristic city, Nivalis has you running your own little business. Showcased yesterday with a trailer during the PC Gaming Show, Nivalis is a game in the cyberpunk genre, where you build your way up to success as a business owner.

Shown off with a new gameplay trailer, Nivalis should be on the radar for fans of cyberpunk and slice-of-life sim games. Basically, in Nivalis, your goal isn’t to take down some evil corporation with the AI of a dead rocker in your head. Instead, impetus is simply on trying to eke out a living in a rough, dystopian world.


You start at the bottom, like any good “runner” would (you’re not actually running much). Beginning your business empire starts tiny, like with a noodle stand. Feeding the denizens of Nivalis is the first step. Soon, you can move your way up to owning your very own bar or nightclub. You have full control on how your humble store looks. Set chairs, tables, and decorations to bring in more hungry folks.

I wouldn’t trust those fish

When you’re not serving the public, there are other distractions. In the trailer above, it shows you can take a break from the noise of Nivalis with a fishing trip. But, if I’m honest, I wouldn’t eat any fish gathered from the murky waters near a cyberpunk city. I mean, you know about the mega corporations, right? Who knows what the hell they’re dumping in there.

You can also take a walk through the city. Nivalis looks gorgeous in the trailer, with flashy neon lighting reflecting off water-coated sidewalks. It’s a voxel-built world, similar to that in Cloudpunk. Ion Lands is still working with what it knows, and it’s clearly showing mastery over the tech.

Nivalis doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s heading to PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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