Nixxes, the company behind the PC version of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, have now provided a ‘Performance Tuning Guide’ for the newly-released game. It’s posted up on Square Enix’s forums, and goes into further detail about individual settings and their performance impact (GPU or CPU).

The article also goes into some depth about Nixxes’ intentions for this version of the game. “With Deus Ex: Mankind Divided our goal has been to provide you with a very scalable experience with a major gap between minimum requirements, recommended requirements, and optional features that you can turn on if you have really powerful hardware,” they write.

“At minimum spec, which is a HD 7870 2GB or GTX 660 2GB, paired with an Core i3-2100, we aim to give you an average of 30 fps, at 1280*720 resolution, but this is at the low quality preset. At recommended spec, which is a RX 480 4GB or GTX 970 4GB, paired with an i7-3770K, our target is to offer you 60fps average at 1080p, but at the High quality preset.”

Options available above the default High (on Very High or Ultra) will be a lot more demanding. This includes things like contact hardening shadows and (optionally) MSAA.

Based on what Nixxes have written in their piece, the vast majority of settings have an impact on the GPU. Level of Detail and Cloth Physics seem to be the options to tone down if you feel you’re being bottlenecked by your CPU. If a lack of VRAM is the problem, look to turn down the Textures (4GB is recommended for High).

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