No 1080p for Mass Effect 3 on Wii U

New generation, no HD support as standard. At least as far as Nintendo is concerned.

The Wii U edition of Mass Effect 3 will not support 1080p. Straight Right, the dev team handling the Wii U port of BioWare space opera, has confirmed the less than stellar resolution settings.

720p will be supported, but it’s hardly an exciting development.

The more news I hear about the Wii U edition of Mass Effect 3, the more I feel sorry for players that will experience it solely on that console. Not only does it not support full-HD, it’s bundled with a motion comic that tells the story of the first two games and asks you to make key decisions that will impact the start of your Mass Effect 3 journey.

Neat(ish) idea, but it’s hardly the same as playing through the first two games in their entirety and making those decisions with full context and emotional engagement.

Source: ONM

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