March 30th, 2017

No Account Sharing in StarCraft II Beta

If you’re thinking of sharing your account in the StarCraft II beta, think again.

Many beta testers have been tempted to share their account with friends when they are not themselves using it. Unsurprisingly, this is not popular with Blizzard, who have given the access to an individual, not a collective.

European RTS community manager Stefanie Gwinner gave a very clear answer to this question, saying “sharing your account is not allowed.” The potential punishment for this “can lead to a suspension of your access to beta.” So, it’s definitely ill-advisable to share your account.

However, Gwinner did not mention any ways Blizzard enforces this and a “suspension” is not as hard as a “ban”. Whether this is just the official line from Blizzard or an enforced policy is still not known.

Signs they could be looking for includes accounts that are online an overly large portion of the day, login IP address greatly varying (like one minute in New York, the next in London) and posting of replays by other person than the owner of the account.

If you ARE sharing your account, we strongly suggest you don’t make it obvious and regardless, don’t come whining if you get suspended.

Screenshots, videos, live stream and guides for the StarCraft 2 beta is available over at StarCraft: IncGamers.