Command & Conquer 4’s main campaigns will not have buddy AI, despite support for co-op.Speaking to IncGamers, EA producer Jim Vessella said “You will be able to play the campaign via co-op.””We’re not going to have the co-op AI feature that we had in Red Alert 3, so if you want to play the game solo, you’re playing the campaign like you would most RTS games,” said Vessella. “If you want to bring in another player, you can go ahead and do that, and then there’ll be two of you playing through the campaign.”Vessella added, “We’re still working on how the difficulty will work when you bring in extra players – whether we just increase the difficulty of the opponents versus changing the amount of respawns you have with the Crawler… I think there’s a few different levers we can pull in terms of adjusting the difficulty when we do the co-op but we certainly want to make sure it’s balanced for both experiences.”We’ve known for awhile that the game was going to have co-op play, but we didn’t know whether or not the campaign would be co-op focused with a buddy AI. Now we do.Check back tomorrow for our preview of the game, as well as our full interview with Vessella which has more than a few new little details that C&C fans will want to know. Also check out what details we have on C&C4’s superweapons, and the single shared unit between all classes.

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