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The guy who picked up an early copy of No Man’s Sky for silly money so he could play it early has been getting stuck in and dishing out bits and pieces of info on Reddit.

Comments posted by daymeeuhn on Reddit have concerned some of the community as he thinks players will be able to reach the centre of the galaxy in around 20-30 hours utilising a resource farming method.

“Around 25-30 hours. I’m about halfway there. 30% of the 100% distance has been just from the last few hours alone. With a YouTube video explaining how to do this I think someone could reach the center in no time, 20-30 hours easy.

“They have implemented some questionable design choices that allow you to essentially “farm” Warp Fuel in an endless pattern and just continuously warp at will almost nonstop, if you so desire to take advantage of it. I dunno if this was intentional, or if they just didn’t care, or if HG doesn’t actually have min/max gamers on their testing team to identify this stuff or what but I figured it out rather quickly and I’ve managed to jump pretty far in just a few hours of doing it.”

The exact way he’s done it can be found in this Reddit thread if you don’t care about spoilers.

It’s inevitable that there will be quicker ways to move through the game but that’s not really what No Man’s Sky is about, it’s about the discovery and exploration and looking for the unknown. This will take time and hopefully provide some special gaming movements.

Update: He has reached the “centre” and passes on some thoughts on the game.

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