No Man’s Sky first v1.3 Screenshot surfaces

No Man’s Sky first v1.3 Screenshot surfaces

The No Man’s Sky Waking Titan ARG is still ongoing and there was a recent Twitch stream tied to the event. What has been revealed is what appears to be the first shot from No Man’s Sky v1.3.

Notable features to point out in this shot is the new ship which indicates that there’s going to be more stuff to fly about in. The second notable feature in the shot is the size and height of the mountain range in the background. There’s probably more in this shot that die-hard players may spot but these are the main things that stand out.

There’s still no release date for 1.3 but it was hoped that it would appear some time in the middle of August. The ARG is still ongoing so who knows when it will actually conclude and more concrete information will appear.

Update: A second shot is now available for viewing.

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Source: Reddit.

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    • Andrei Io

      Hmmm can’t wait for the new update. It has been a bit boring these days because, I have to search for animals on planets so I can get the theta warp drive, which you can’t get it any other way because of the last patch which it sucks by the way. It’s kind of hard because some animals don’t show up on the entire planet for hours and it gets very frustrating, even if you follow the guides and classes of animals. Right now I have to discover only 2 planets and I will get it. Maybe the feature for multiplayer play will be available for this patch. It would be fresh start, because everyone was hoping from the beta’s for the game to have multiplayer feature. They claim they have this feature. It is possible but they build a really big universe, even for a game and you can hardly find a start system that has been visited by someone in your vicinity(currently the distance between my base and the point where I am is approximately 1.5 million light years .I am not sure how big is the galaxy(Euclid) but is huge.

      I hope they will make some kind of point of interest or something similar to attract players to them. Maybe even put some events for their starships, freighters, etc. The game will be a real deal if they will bring everyone together and behave as a multiplayer game.