No Man’s Sky patch 1.33 released with a load of fixes

No Man’s Sky patch 1.33 released with a load of fixes

Hello Games are continuing to update their No Man’s Sky 1.3 patch and today v1.33 went live for all players after a brief stint in the experimental branch over the weekend.

This is a large update with a load of fixes for the new content that was released in v1.3. This update also fixes AMD texture issues, all building types can be scanned, ships can be scanned, factions icons are now on the Galactic map, and the list goes on.

Some players are still experiencing issues despite this release but at least Hello Games appear to be on the ball. No Man’s Sky was the second best selling game on Steam last week thanks to the 1.3 update and price reduction so it’s just as well they are giving the game some attention after months of being silent.

The full patch notes can be checked out on the Steam page.

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