No Man's Sky

Those who found the performance of No Man’s Sky unacceptable at release may want to load it up again to see if its improved, as Hello Games have released a patch. There are no official accompanying notes for the patch yet, however as it’s the general release of the opt-in ‘Experimental Branch’ patch from earlier in the week, many of the changes are likely to be similar.

Over on twitter, Sean Murray says patch notes are “incoming” and indicates that the highlights for the PC are “support for more hardware + improves frame rate at low spec”. He also claims this will resolve around “70%” of the support issues raised (which is great if they’re the most debilitating issues, less impressive if they’re more numerous but minor problems). The patch has been released for both Steam and GOG versions of the game.

Until official changelog notes are released, this list on the Experimental Branch are your best indication.

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