No Man's Sky Pets Update

No Man’s Sky has gone through a lot of changes since its launch back in 2016. The game’s infamously rocky start, one marred by overpromises from developer Hello Games, was just that — a bad start. In the time since, No Man’s Sky has received multiple updates and improvements that have essentially changed it into a new game entirely. Besides a massive update that added numerous graphical enhancements, players can now build bases, excavate in mecha suits, and pilot living spaceships. However, today’s update may be the most important. No Man’s Sky now has adorable alien pets for players to collect.

Added in today’s 3.2 update, players will be able to adopt alien creatures to explore the universe with them. Just to be clear, you can already tame wild creatures by feeding them. However, these companions are more than fairweather friends. You will be able to adopt creatures and bring them to any planet they explore. Pets in No Man’s Sky won’t just be eye-candy, either; with the right tools they can be essential helpers. Players can train pets to dig up buried treasure, be a light source, or even fight off dangerous local wildlife and plants.

But what would a pet update be without being able to actually raise your own creature? With proper nurturing, pets will eventually lay eggs that can be collected and eventually hatched. These new creatures will inherit some traits from their parents, but for the most part, will be entirely unique. If you decide to play mad scientist and use the Egg Sequencer to genetically modify their eggs, the possibilities are endless.

Other additions in today’s No Man’s Sky update

Besides adding pet aliens to the game, today’s No Man’s Sky update added some other improvements to its creatures. From here on, creatures no longer require advanced bait to harvest resources from. Likewise, there’s now more of a reason to bait giant creatures. Taming one of these giants will now give you the option to ride them.

Of course, there’s also a slew of bug fixes. To start, players using Windows 10 shouldn’t receive random network disconnect errors anymore. Players exploring the universe in VR will also run into fewer issues. Animations for player weapons have been fixed, along with an error that would cause incorrect UI scaling.

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