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Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky has expanded quite a bit since its initial introduction in 2016. More single-player narrative, multiplayer, awesome new features… You name it, and it probably came to the game. But now, with the team’s latest update, we’re getting a rather unexpected item — the ability to make music.

With update 2.24, which is available now, players will gain access to the new ByteBeat. Using this tool, you can put together your own custom tunes to play in the game. You can also share your musical creations with others.

No Man’s Sky adds the ByteBeat

In Hello Games’ blog post, the team discusses first how to get a hold of the ByteBeat. You’ll need to use “modules from the Space Anomaly,” but once those are in place, you can play around. These consist of pre-made tunes, which you can then go in a tweak. What’s more, you can also create songs from scratch, using a number of available tools.

The songs are put together by “simple waveforms that are manipulated through maths,” according to the dev’s blog. But it’s never too extremely difficult, as the device does all of the so-called “mathematical heavy lifting” to get things done. No Man’s Sky players who want to explore a little bit further can do so with “note sequences, rhythms and even manipulating the new sounds,” however they see fit.

Those looking to dig a little deeper on how the ByteBeat system works can do so with this article. But not only is it user-friendly, it’s also intuitive. And you can blare your tunes anywhere you see fit, be it your base or one of the local clubs.

Check out the trailer below to get a better idea of how ByteBeat works. Make sure to check No Man’s Sky‘s official site for more details on what else the update entails.

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