No Man's Sky Visions Update

No Man’s Sky is slowly but surely improving. From the souped-up marketing hype to its disastrous launched, Hello Games painstakingly tried to make sure that the game would be better over time. That’s led to an influx of new players, especially with the NEXT update. That was then followed by seasonal community events and then version 1.7, The Abyss, which gave players more reasons to explore the uncharted depths. Looks like there’s another change is in store with the Visions update (version 1.75) which aims to make the game more vibrant and colorful.

Yes, it will actually add rainbows, more biome variety, and even fireworks. Check out the trailer below:

Visions Of Clarity

One of the key criticisms leveled at No Man’s Sky early on was that worlds felt dreary, drab, and lifeless. In spite of all the creatures — many of which looked the same as other species you’ve encountered — the whole presentation could lull you to sleep. As the game slowly improved, so too did the aesthetics. The Visions update aims to focus more on that.

It was initially leaked on Reddit when users discovered an unlisted video on the No Man’s Sky YouTube channel. That’s garnered a lot of attention from the player base which prompted Hello Games founder Sean Murray’s announcement on Twitter.

Here’s what No Man’s Sky’s Visions update would provide:

  • Greater Palette Variety – As you can see from the trailer up top, various worlds will look more colorful and vibrant. It might even lead to some trippy and weird combinations.
  • Rainbows – Every child has always dreamed of seeing what’s on either end of the rainbow. Who knows if that’s possible in No Man’s Sky? Imagine flying with your spaceship to discover an alien artifact… or a whole bunch of nothing.
  • New Flora and Fauna – More variety in creatures and plant life is always welcome. The trailer itself even shows rock-like spikes protruding from the ground and following your character.
  • Five New Biomes – Like the above, more variations in biomes would be a good addition to the game, especially how exploration and being wowed by the new locations you discover are tantamount to one’s enjoyment.
  • New base parts, shared community event progress, salvageable scrap, mysterious fossils, UI improvements, and more will also be in store.

The Visions update for No Man’s Sky releases tomorrow, November 22, and it’s completely free. Looks like it’s time to explore that brave, new, colorful world, eh Traveller?

Jason Rodriguez
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