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No More Heroes III came out on Switch in August of last year, and it thankfully served as a worthy follow-up to the first No More Heroes as well as Travis Strikes Again. While not quite as thematically poignant as those two games, No More Heroes III still managed to offer a beautifully bonkers story that constantly kept players guessing. It helped that the combat saw a major overhaul compared to that of its predecessors. No More Heroes III seemed destined to remain a Switch exclusive, but thankfully, that will no longer remain the case, as publisher XSEED Games announced that the game will make its way to other platforms, including PC.

This upcoming PC release follows up on the PC ports that the first and second No More Heroes entries received last summer. Although the port of the first game didn’t turn out as well as the Switch version from 2020, it at least helped bring a beloved game to a wider audience in a reasonably playable fashion. The PC port of No More Heroes 2 turned out similarly lackluster, although the game in general is really only worth playing for the soundtrack.


What is No More Heroes III about?

For those curious about the premise of No More Heroes III, a cuddly furball of an alien turned genocidal maniac plans to take over Earth, and only Travis Touchdown, older and a little bit wiser since his previous bloodthirsty outings, can stop him. To reach this tyrannical menace, who goes by the name FU, Travis has to partake in a “game of conquest” where he has to take on each of FU’s underlings one by one. It may seem like a simple enough story, but much like its predecessors, it inevitably goes off the rails.

Hopefully, the PC port of No More Heroes III has more care put into it than the series’ prior PC offerings. The game may not be a technical masterpiece, but it’s still well-worth experiencing if you’re looking for something a little bit more eccentric.

No More Heroes III PC suplex

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