No Place For Bravery Steam

I’m a sucker for a good story about family and reuniting with a lost loved one. So immediately, I’m having some high expectations for the emotional impact that No Place for Bravery might have on me. No Place for Bravery is an upcoming story-driven RPG about the warrior Thorn, who goes on a quest to find his long-lost daughter. But more interestingly, it seems as if the game isn’t all that it seems to be. How far you’ll go to save your family isn’t a situation that’s so black and white.

Developed by Glitch Factory and published by Ysbryd Games, the game was originally announced for a Q4 2021 release date, but a decision was made to delay the game to give it some extra love. Now, the game will release sometime in Q3 2022, or sometime in-between July and September. With these changes, the developers hope to better realize their vision “of a timeless dark fable about the thin line between heroism and obsession.” Sounds like a solid vision to me.


A familial tale

Thorn is a grizzled, melancholic beast of a warrior, plagued with the memories of his battle-filled life. He’s ready to retire for good until he gets a mysterious new lead: more clues about the disappearance of his daughter, Leaf. You’ll have to endure some challenging “Sekiro-like” combat (with adjustable difficulty settings) and discover a pixelated world of giants and beasts to discover the truth about his daughter.

All the while, you’ll experience the game’s hand-painted textures and carefully crafted pixel art, all while listening to a somber soundtrack. Hopefully, it’s enough to immerse gamers, as a good story about family is always an emotionally stirring time. No Place for Bravery is set to release on Steam for PC later this year. You can read more about No Place for Bravery on its Steam page.


No Place For Bravery Steam

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