No ‘Severed’ Dead Space 2 DLC For PC

EA has confirmed that the forthcoming Dead Space 2 DLC, ‘Severed,’ will not be appearing on the PC.
Severed was revealed yesterday and will feature two new standalone single-player chapters featuring Gabe Weller and Lexine Murdock from Dead Space: Extraction. Except not on the PC, as an EA representative has told The Escapist.
No reason has been given for this, but it may well be linked to the PC port of Dead Space 2 being developed by Visceral Australia rather than the Visceral studio in California. Someone (likely EA) has decided that the cost for them to also port the DLC will not be worth it.
In additionally disappointing news, RockPaperShotgun is reporting that the screwed up mouse lag/vsync issue which blighted the PC version of the original Dead Space is still present in the sequel.
Sounds like this is one to get on the consoles.

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