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No surprises: Another Batman: Arkham Origins villain revealed

Batman Arkham Origins - E3 2013 - 4

Apparently, Warner Bros are desperate for us to know absolutely everything about Batman: Arkham Origins before we play it, and to be perfectly honest, I’m actually a bit angry about this. STOP SPOILING YOUR BLOODY GAMES BEFORE THEY COME OUT, PLEASE.


If you’ve read this far, then you’re presumably interested in finding out exactly which characters will be making appearances in Arkham Origins. I guess I can’t convince you otherwise, so…

Alright. Courtesy of an Official Xbox Magazine preview, uploaded to Photobucket by an enterprising user named “rileywhite97” (via AllGamesBeta), it turns out that the mind-bending Jervis Tetch – better known as Mad Hatter – will be making an appearance in the game. Sounds like he’ll be taking the place of Scarecrow in terms of providing some rather messed up areas to fight through – the preview notes that we should expect giant rivers of tea (poured from giant teapots, obviously) and enemies charging out of mirrors, amongst other things. “Psychotropic” is how it’s described.

Batman: Arkham Origins is due out on 25 October, although we’ll probably know the entire plot and every character in it by then. At this stage, I wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Bros releases the entire script prior to release.