The horror season is well and truly upon us and if you like to enter into the spirit of these things this 2D top down multiplayer survival horror Noct is now available on Early Access on Steam.

Noct blends arcade combat with RPG survival elements and plays out in a post-apocalyptic world. As a survivor you can explore the wastelands on your own or with other online players or in deed against other online players over food and ammunition.

The game is set in perpetual night so your view is top down through a thermal image satellite which fits well with the other-wordly atmosphere as you endeavour to uncover the reason for the mysterious purge of your world.

Developer’s C3SK have had lots of input from the community through the Alpha stage and are eager for more during Early Access which is available at a discount on Steam right now.  Reviews have been positive so far:

…ton of scary moments” and “…you really, REALLY get the feeling that things can go deadly wrong at any time.” and “…finding other people, never really trusting anything that moves. You can’t enter a place or leave a place without wondering if you should do so” are quotes from just three people’s reviews.

The official video gives you a snapshot of the game, although maybe a better feel for it will be gained from the player’s videos.

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