Noita Leaving Early Access

Exactly one year after Noita entered Steam Early Access, developer Nolla Games has announced the release date for the full version of the magical action rogue-lite. The date for the launch is October 15. The launch will also include a Noita 1.0 update, which will be the game’s biggest to date. According to Nolla Games, the full version of the game will be more polished and include more content. Don’t expect any drastic or fundamental changes though.

In Noita, you take on the role of a wizard with limited flight and a flair for the explosive. You delve into mines, discover powerful wands, and blow up everything. Every single pixel in Noita is simulated, which means everything is destructible. Check out the Noita release date trailer below to get a taste of the devastating powers you can wield.

Boom goes everything

There are no specific details about the Noita 1.0 update, but Nolla Games has revealed there will be new enemies, perks, and 20 new spells for you to wreak havoc with. The update will also include a new game mode. However, the developer has been very hush-hush on what exactly it is. Lastly, some new music will be added with the 1.0 update. So, you’ll have some new tunes to listen to as you burn the world (or at least the mines) down around you.

Nolla Games increased the price of Noita as more content was added and it approached its release date. Therefore there might be one more price increase with the full release. If you don’t want to take any chances, you can pick it up now for PC through Steam.

If you’d like a more in-depth look at the perils of being a wizard with an explosive wand and bombs in a mine full of more things that go boom, you can check out our preview of Noita.

Noita Release Date

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