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Nomada Studio picks up its brushes for Gris successor Neva

Prepare to cry.

Among the myriad delights revealed during Sony’s Playstation Showcase event, one gem sparkled a little brighter than the others: Neva, a new title from Nomada Studio, the creative minds behind 2018’s award-winning tour-de-force Gris.

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Neva announced during Sony’s Playstation Showcase

Introduced with a stunning animated reveal trailer, Neva made a strong first impression through its bold use of watercolor techniques and striking imagery. It then proceeded to not just tug at the heartstrings, but really go to town on them for the rest of the trailer’s runtime. Bad news for the emotionally repressed: this game is going to crack open your floodgates and then some.

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The story told in the trailer is a wordless one, and yet it speaks volumes: of the bonds we make with those close to us, be they animals or other humans, and the pain we feel when said bonds are severed by cruel chance. It’s a testament to the storytelling abilities of Nomada Studio, and a sobering indicator of the emotional rollercoaster to come in the game proper.

Beyond the trailer, more information on Neva can be found on the game’s official announcement page on the Playstation website. Here, Nomada Studio elaborated on the story expressed in the trailer, noting an additional climate change angle that wasn’t immediately obvious from the trailer at first, but makes sense in retrospect. They also discussed the gameplay, in which “Players will face platforming, puzzles and combat challenges while dealing with monstrous enemies.”

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Image via Nomada Studio

As if this wasn’t enough to look forward to, Neva also promises “a minimal UI, high quality traditional animation, and an elegant music score.” It’s set to be a treat for those who enjoyed the similar setup found in Gris, and a gateway into the world of Nomada Studio for those who remain uninitiated.

An exact release date for Neva was not announced during the Playstation Showcase, but a flexible ‘2024’ window was given instead. In addition, the game was confirmed for release on not just PS5, but PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch as well. Start stockpiling your tissues now: this one looks like a hell of a ride.

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