Despite what you may have heard, Borderlands 3 is not in development at Gearbox. That’s the word of studio head Randy Pitchford who, through Twitter, has said that all Borderlands related work is currently focused on Borderlands 2 DLC.

Randy’s tweet reads:

“Chill out internet. No one has started working on a sequel to Borderlands 2. It’s fun to talk and think, but actual effort is focused on Borderlands 2 DLC, Aliens, etc.”

Pitchford went on to explain the words of Borderlands’ lead writer Anthony Burch, who said that the studio is already thinking about the third game in the series.

“Clean and Simple truth: The only Borderlands related game development work going on right now is for Borderlands 2,” said Pitchford. “Anthony was speaking to his thoughts. We’re all thinking about it and it’s exciting to think. But there’s no project – no actual effort.”

Four DLC expansions are currently planned for Borderlands 2. In case you were wondering… yes, we like Borderlands 2, which is why we wrote this review.

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