Not just fronting: DICE making Star Wars: Battlefront


In a move sure to please those who prefer E11 Blaster Rifles to M16s, EA has revealed that DICE is working on a Star Wars: Battlefront game. Which appears to be just called Star Wars: Battlefront.

As ever, there are basically no details – just a logo, and a brief bit of footage showing a crashing snowspeeder and an AT-AT’s foot – but DICE making what is essentially Battlefield: Star Wars is no bad thing. You’ll be completely surprised to hear that we don’t even have details on what systems this is hitting, when it’s due, or how it’ll actually play, but we’ll presumably be hearing more about all of this soon, and we’ll eat our Tauntauns if it’s not coming to PC.

Did we see this coming when EA got the exclusive rights to make Star Wars games? Yeah, probably, but this is going to make a lot of people happy nonetheless.

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