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Anomaly 2
PC Invasion

Not so strange: Anomaly 2’s multiplayer updated


Hurrah! The rather good Anomaly 2 has been updated, and this update fixes one of the major complaints Peter and I had about the multiplayer when we played it: you can now customise the parameters of battle.

When going into a multiplayer match, you can now opt to play with different conditions, “from minimum resources to total war and annihilation strategy.” I’m assuming that means you can set up things like starting resources and victory conditions, which – again – is exactly what we asked for when we played it.

Oh, and there’s a new map called Philips’ Puzzle. Again: hurrah!

Anomaly 2 is currently £5.99 in the Steam sale, although – as ever – we’d recommend waiting to see if it drops in price a bit further as a result of being a daily deal/flash sale/community choice.

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