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NPD has released the figures for February of this year. Overall, things are looking up, with total spending up year on year bolstered by hardware sales. Software sales are down year on year, but up compared to the previous month.

PS4 and Xbox One hardware sales are neck and neck. PS4 is slightly on top in terms of volume, but because of the higher price point, Xbox One actually made more money. Wii U sales are up 25 % year on year.

Nintendo has the most good news on the software end, with Bravely Default selling 200,000 units, and both Pokemon X and Y and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze selling 130,000 units. Xbox One software sales have also been brisk with an attach rate of 2.75 per unit. Between the Xbox One and Xbox 360, Microsoft accounted for 48 % of software sold on home consoles.

February’s new entry Thief paid the price for failing expectations, coming in 4th at the sales charts behind the NBA 2K14, The Lego Movie Videogame, and the unshakable Call of Duty Ghosts.


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