Ruiner, Nuclear Throne are now free on Epic Games Store

Every Thursday, Epic Games Store offers some free games that fans won’t want to miss. And this week is no exception, with two indie action favorites that are sure to please. The games, which are here in the Free Games Collection, are Nuclear Throne from Vlambeer and Ruiner from Devolver Digital. Both offer intense shooting thrills, making their price of “free” even more unbeatable.

Remembering Nuclear Throne and Ruiner

First up is Nuclear Throne. In this post-apocalyptic roguelike top-down shooter, you’ll play a variety of characters. Each one has their own special abilities when fighting against adversaries. Along the way, you’ll also pick up additional weaponry and contend with boss enemies. The goal? Survive long enough to make it to the Nuclear Throne — if you can.The trailer below should give you a good idea of what’s in store.

Taking a far more serious tone is Devolver’s Ruiner. It’s a brutal action game that takes place in the year 2091, in the metropolis of Rengkok. As a corrupt system holds the city back, an unidentified psychopath heads out to turn the tables. Using a variety of weapons, including melee and firearm, he seeks to find his kidnapped brother and shut down the criminals. Its trailer is featured below, and it’s a heck of a value for “no charge.”

These games are only available for one week, through Nov. 14. However, the good times don’t end there. After that, another Devolver Digital favorite, The Messenger, will be available. It’s a great game for the old-school ninja fans out there, with 8-bit and 16-bit visuals and challenging gameplay. We’ll give you a heads up once it becomes available, but you can check out its Epic Games Store listing here.

Nuclear Throne and Ruiner are too good to pass up, so give them a download and shoot your way out of mayhem!

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